Profitable Prepaid Maintenance for Independent Repair Shops

Profitable Prepaid Maintenance for Independent Repair Shops

UltraCare is customizable self-administered PPM proven to increase your service retention and store profits.

UltraCare is customizable self-administered PPM proven to increase your service retention and store profits.

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About UltraCare PPM

There Is No Faster Way to Generate Service Revenue Than Self-Administered PPM

You need a way to build service retention – profitably. Start selling prepaid maintenance in your shop and watch your retention rate skyrocket: up to 60-75%. You’ll see a significant rise in service lane visits and CSI scores, slashing your customer acquisition costs.

UltraCare Prepaid Maintenance

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UltraCare Features

Next-Generation PPM

UltraCare is a modern PPM platform designed for maximum ease-of-use and profitablity – at a surprisingly affordable price.

Generate Guaranteed Service Visits & Upsell Opportunities

UltraCare is a true captive service program. Customers that buy your PPM plans can redeem them ONLY at your store or group. You can expect service retention rates that exceed 70% and generate hundreds of new service appointments each month by following our best practices. Store branded emails and text messages drive customers back to your shop.

Next-Generation PPM

It’s Your Program and Your Money

With UltraCare you’re in complete control. You design the maintenance packages, you set the selling price, you set the reimbursement rate, you determine which vehicles to cover, and most important: you hold the reserve and keep the forfeiture.

Next-Generation PPM

Throw Out the Paper Forms and Coupon Books

UltraCare is fully automated and paperless. Forget the waiting around and hassles of claims, remittances, coupons, approvals, etc. Handle every contract purchase and redemption instantly with our patent-pending POS integration technology. Service Writers love us because we make their jobs easier.

Next-Generation PPM

Unmatched Ease of Use & Support

You know how to successfully service & repair cars. We know how to build and run successful PPM programs – so leave the setup and support to us. We’ll build your plans, create beautiful menus and email reminders, and even handle your customer support. Be up and running in as little as two weeks.

Next-Generation PPM

Want to make $1,000,000 with PPM? Get step-by-step instructions…

Real Results

Get Results with UltraCare

UltraCare can generate hundreds of new service appointments for your store every month.
Every one is an upsell opportunity.


Service Retention


Increase in CPRO’s


Average Upsell per Visit


Increase in VSC Penetration


Increase in First Service Visit Rate


Average Upsell Rate

Happy Customers

Nice Things Our Clients Say About UltraCare

We’re averaging about 165 visits from UltraCare customers a month. 95% of those are realizing additional sales beyond the services provided in the prepaid maintenance package. UltraCare for Hare Chevrolet is the ultimate customer retention tool.

Monica Peck (Hare Chevrolet)
Monica Peck (Hare Chevrolet)

Our UltraCare customers return for service three times more often than customers who do not purchase the program.

Steve Quigora (Ancira Nissan)
Steve Quigora (Ancira Nissan)

Selling prepaid maintenance plans is all about retention – keeping them returning to our store for ongoing service. When presented with these benefits, 40% of our customers choose to buy the UltraCare plan.

Dean Talley (Honda Cars of Boston)
Dean Talley (Honda Cars of Boston)

Switching from giving away oil changes to selling prepaid maintenance generated over $200,000 of additional revenue within six months. We saw our retention go way up with UltraCare.

Steve Hinchcliff (H&H Chevrolet)
Steve Hinchcliff (H&H Chevrolet)

More than 92% of plan holders who come in for service make additional service purchases, pushing average plan per R.O. upsell to $108. The UltraCare plan keeps customers coming in.

Charlie Anderson (Ancira Buick GMC)
Charlie Anderson (Ancira Buick GMC)
How Much?

Program Pricing

We keep our pricing simple and transparent so you always know what to expect. We offer a no-risk, month-to-month agreement and guarantee you won’t find a better deal (or PPM program) anywhere.

Set-Up Fee

$ 395

Plan design consultation
Program ROI analysis
POS integration configuration
Program set-up & training
POS material design & printing

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Monthly Fee

$ 179 /mo

POS data integration
Daily Reserve tracking & reporting
Daily email & SMS reminders
Phone, email, & chat support
(Fee waived if you register 30+ plans)

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Plan Registration Fee

$ 16-24 ea

Flat one-time fee
Regardless of sales price or term
Typically paid by the customer
(so it really costs you nothing)

Volume Discounts Available

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Other Fees

$ 0 No way!

No management admin fees
No ceding fees to re-insure
No transaction fees
No redemption/claim fees
No minimums
No B.S.

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UltraCare Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you can't find an answer to your question here.

Do I get to create my own plans?

Absolutely, this is your program. You get to choose exactly what services to add into your PPM plans. You choose the term, mileage intervals, cost… everything. 

Where do I remit my money when I sell a plan?

You keep the money! With UltraCare, you hold your own reserve – or you could have your management company hold it. It’s up to you.

How do I track my reserve?

UltraCare has comprehensive analytics and real-time reporting so you know at any moment exactly how much should be in your reserve account. Redemptions (reserve deductions) can be tracked automatically via standard labor op codes.

What is the claims process & how soon do I get paid?

With UltraCare, there are no “claims.” Redemptions are tracked automatically or online and since you hold the reserve, it’s just an internal accounting exercise of moving funds from your reserve to income accounts.

Can plans be used at all stores we own?

Yes, if that is the way you want the program set up. Customers can purchase and redeem plans at any store – or you could keep them separate. 

Do these plans need to be reinsured?

Not in most states. In the few states that require reinsurance (CA, FL, IL, NY, TX, & WA), use your own reinsurance company or we can help with the CLIP.

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